Tuesday, 13 March 2012

100 Word Challenge #33

Well this is my first ever entry into the 100 Word Challenge and typically I finished it too late. Must try harder next time :-) Hope you like it. If you do just leave a comment! Thanks.

A truly cosmopolitan filly

From far off shores you washed our way
A foreigner in parts some say
But via which shore and by what route
Where did you grow and first take root
A leg from Spain a tail from Chilli
A thoroughly cosmopolitan filly
From ancient oak and olive tree
You raced to us by stream and sea
On through storms and battering rain
So wild once and now yet tame
You’ve travelled far to our green lands
Created by artistic hands
The race is won, it’s time to rest
On the shores of Eden, Cornwall South West


  1. Stunning! How clever to get the rhyme just right & you have made it very majestic indeed!

    1. I'm really impressed by your poetry, Andrea, you've got a real knack for choosing just the right words. :)