Sunday, 11 March 2012


"Never again", I said once more 
As I slid down the tiles to the bathroom floor

"Never again", I murmured and spat
Coughing up remnants of this and of that.

Then deep in the pit of my stomach - a squelch
In rumbles and gurgles there came a great 'belch'

So climbing back up to the toilet seat rim
Preparing for seconds of Vodka and Gin

Of Bacardi and Coke, of a double John Walker,
The pint of Martini and Black was a corker!

The three Bloody Mary's, the Stella and Lime
The fifth was a struggle, so why drink all nine

The Vodka and Tonic, that horrible Stout
The Tequila and Custard was nice I've no doubt

The fine Chardonnay with the really long name
On it's way down the toilet still tasted the same

The Kronenberg Top with the gherkins thrown in
And the really nice pizza I found in the bin

The Mad Dog near killed me, the Thunderbird too
But the Snake-Bite was worse, now I'm stuck in the loo

Chucking up Punch and bits of baked beans
Does anyone know what puking blood means?

God I feel awful I think I will die.....
But I'll have one more drink, then I'll say goodbye !!! 

© Andrea Payne 1991 & 2011

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