Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ho hum

They’re all watching me and in truth so would I
Why does this girl on the train sit and cry
Why do her tears roll down from her shades
She’s hiding the sadness in the hope the pain fades
Her tissues are wet and the ends of her hair
This was clearly too much for this girl to bare
Yet silently sits with the tears on her face
What on this earth did she do to deserve such disgrace

Is this all there is? she wonders in doubt
Is this worthless existence really all I’m about?
My drawings are meaningless verses ignored
My family and colleagues seem nothing but bored!!

So what is there left for an artist and writer
Who once stood her ground who once was a fighter
Too trusting and gullible now on probation
Struck down by rumour and false accusation

So thanks to the people who nailed down my fate
To the abuse I received to the nights I stayed late
To the care that I took to the deadlines I made
To the loyalty, commitment and care I displayed
You did me a favour as I finally see
The people I worked with didn’t care about me
And so my advice to the follower on
Remember the reasons they wanted me gone!!!

© Andrea Payne 2011

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