Wednesday 28 March 2012

100 Word Challenge #36

An important date

What was the rabbit late for, wondered Alice as she fell
Four thousand miles and then some
This was the strangest well
On down a long dark passage, with the rabbit still ahead
“Oh my ears and whiskers, I’ll be late” she thought he said

Would you follow down the rabbit hole?
Help paint the rose’s red?
Have a party with the hatter?
Watch a cat stand on its head?
Would you ‘eat me’ big or ‘drink me’ small
We can’t be late for tea
What a wondrous adventure with young Alice that would be


  1. Fun! Swift moving and entertaining. Is there more?

  2. Hehe .. no I'm afraid not, I just wrote that for the 100 word challenge.

    If you liked it though, I've a few more on this site and some other poems too :-)

    Thanks for your kind comments

  3. Love it! Well done turning it all into a poem that rhymes as well!

  4. Yay .. looking forward to it :-D

    Truth is .. this is all the more surprising when you realise I haven't read the book!! I had to do a little research *grin* .. difficult to pack it all into 100 words thou, so I just went for the famous bits.

    Can't wait for yours

    A x

  5. Loved this, it flowed so sweetly. An enjoyable read. :)
    Mine is up, not listed yet:

  6. Oh what a great piece! I love that it is still in honour of Carroll yet different. I love the poetry and can't wait to see where it goes next week! Many thanks for joining the fun!

  7. Thanks everyone .. so lovely of you all to comment :-)

  8. I love the throwbacks to Carroll - especially the line, "Would you ‘eat me’ big or ‘drink me’ small" - so inviting! :D

    I'm lucky enough to have gotten your post as my prompt for the coming week. I hope I can do you justice!

    1. Hi Mayumi

      Bless you that's very kind of you.

      You're braver than I am, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to enter anything this week, 10 words is simply too long to get it in a rhythm I can rhyme with!!

      Good luck though, I'll look out for your entry this week, I'm sure it'll be fantastic :-)

  9. Love this, great poetry x