Sunday, 11 March 2012


Is this all there is? Is this life for me?
Seeking acceptance through supremacy
Pushing the boundaries, aiming so high
While deep inside feeling I'm living a lie

They crowd me with worry
(I'm faulty you see)
While they prod and they poke and they analyse me

They say the right words
They use the right tone
But I feel like I shoulder the weight on my own

Do I need to be perfect?
Do I need to fit in?
Will they like me as much if I try not to win?

If I don't win first prize
Or I fail to impress
Will they all turn their backs and love me much less?

I'm confused and I'm angry, depressed and in doubt
They can't fix me with words
They can't figure me out

Do I disappoint them with my self expectation
Or that all won't be well, with some grand revelation
Well I might not be quite.... who I hoped I would be
But I'll get there one day.. I'll be proud of me

It's a bumpy old road
But the bumps make you strong
And one day I'll see how far I've come along

That the man in the mirror has a friendlier face
Who knows life isn't all about winning the race
He'll smile back at me..
Stand his ground and walk tall
Having won the most challenging contest of ALL!!!!

© Andrea Payne 2011

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