Tuesday, 13 March 2012

100 Word Challenge #34

Ok, so the answer to being late with #33 is to be insanely early with #34 and hope all the buttons I press get this published in the right place at the right time.

…but I turned it off….

It grew like a spark, just a glimmer of light
Exciting and hot as it burned through the night
It was wrong but it gave an electrical high
So I never looked back, and I never asked why
And the feeling was good, its powerful embrace
Reached deep in my heart to its loneliest place
And the power reserves I had stored up inside
Slowly drained with the anger, the pain and the pride
My addiction to X-Box was causing such pain
..but I turned it off and now I've freedom again!!

© Andrea Payne 2011 


  1. Hello & welcome to the silliness that is 100WCGU! I really love this. It has such a great rhthm to it & fits the prompt brilliantly. So glad you came back. I'll go & comment on last week's as I can see it there!

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome and lovely comments

  2. I love this! I stopped playing games on my laptop as they sucked up hours. Well done for such an original take.

  3. Very nice! I laughed out loud at the ending! :D

    Hope to see more 100-word challenge responses from you, moving forward!

  4. Super piece- great rhythm to it. There's a lot of skill in writing a poem that scans as well (and rhymes and makes sense!!) I can rarely get all three in.
    Good job

    1. Thanks Anna, that's very kind :-)

      I look forward to seeing a few verses from you in future then xx

  5. I think a lot of young people (and even older) can relate to this. I enjoyed the flow of words, really well done, with a fun ending.

  6. A great poem, the rhyming and meter doesn't sound forced at all. And so topical! Well done.

  7. Thank you ALL so much for your lovely comments :-)